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Tomato Varieties

Tomato Variety Description Size Disease Resistance Days to Maturity
  Main Crop Tomatoes for All-Around Performance and Yields      
Better Boy Better Boy Best large tomato. Great taste. Firm and meaty.  Productive. Indeterminate. 14 oz. V F N A 72
Big Boy Large smooth red fruit with excellent aroma and flavor. Long time favorite sandwich type. Resists cracking. Indeterminate. 10 oz.   78
BushSteak A beefsteak tomato for small spaces. Ideal for containers and small gardens. Large and flavorful. Determinate. 10 oz.   65
Celebrity Celebrity Excellent flavor with firm flesh. Heavy fruit set on strong plants. Determinate. 10 oz. V F N T 70
Champion Champion II Old fashioned tomato flavor. Meaty fruit that sets even on cool nights. High yields. Indeterminate. 10 oz. V F N T 62
Early Doll Early Doll Early-maturing bright red tomato with excellent flavor. Indeterminate. 7 oz. V F 62
Early Girl Early Girl Best early flavorful tomato and best all-around performance of any tomato. First to produce and continues to produce high yields of mid-sized fruit all season long. Indeterminate. 5 oz. V 52
Fourth of July One of the earliest producing varieties. Small but very tasty. A favorite of mountain gardeners. Indeterminate. 4 oz. V F N T 49
Polbig Polbig Grows well in cool areas. Red meaty fruits. Heavy producer. Determinate. 7 oz.   60
Shady Lady Shady Lady Round globe-shaped red fruit with excellent flavor. Lots of foliage to shade the fruit and prevent sunburn. Determinate. 8 oz. V F T A 75
Super Fantastic Super Fantastic Smooth and meaty medium-sized juicy fruit with high sugar content. Delicious. Heavy yields all season long. Indeterminate. 10 oz. V F N 70
Supersteak Supersteak Our biggest tomato. This is the best improved-beefsteak type. Rich, full flavor. Vigorous plants.  Indeterminate. 16 oz. & up V F N 80
  Specialty Tomatoes Characteristics for Special Needs      
Anna Russian Anna Russian Deliciously sweet, heart-shaped pink fruit. Clusters of 2 or 3 fruit form on wispy vines.
Early. Russian heirloom. Indeterminate.
16 oz.   65
Better Bush Better Bush Best patio tomato. Short stocky plant.
Big, juicy, & meaty fruits. Indeterminate.
7 oz. V F N 72
Big Rainbow Big Rainbow Large slicer. Beautiful golden fruit with neon red streaks. Delicious and sweet.
Minnesota heirloom. Indeterminate.
16 oz. & up Yes 90
Black Krim Dark maroon large slicer. Wonderful rich flavor.
Crimean heirloom that's known throughout Europe. Indeterminate.
10 oz.   80
BoxCarWillie Box Car Willie Old fashioned flavor. Heavy yields.
USA heirloom. Indeterminate.
10 oz.   80
Brandywine Brandywine Excellent flavor. Striking pink tomato with tender flesh. Old Amish heirloom variety dating back to 1885. Vines grow tall with potato-leaved foliage. Indeterminate. 14 oz.   85
Cherokee Purple Cherokee Purple Dusky pink/purple with dark shoulders. Deep red inside. Delicious with sweet, rich flavor.  Tennessee heirloom. Indeterminate. 14 oz.   72
Costoluto Costoluto Genovese Ribbed meaty fruit with outstanding taste.
Great for tomato juice. Italian heirloom.  Indeterminate.
8 oz.   85
German Pink High yields of large, almost seedless fruits. Great for slicing, canning or freezing. Batavian heirloom. Indeterminate. 16 oz.   80
Green Zebra Tomato Green Zebra Tangy flavor for salads. Ripe when the green fruit gets a yellow blush. Indeterminate. 6 oz.   75
JapaneseBlackTrifele Japanese Black Trifele Rich tomato with a hint of chocolate. Good producer of pear-shaped fruit. Russian heirloom.
Potato-leaf indeterminate vine.
5 oz.   75
La Roma La Roma Very meaty plum type tomato. Best for sauces and paste. Excellent producer. Determinate. 4 oz. V F 62
Lemon Boy Lemon Boy Lemon yellow meaty fruit abundantly produced on strong plants. Mild and sweet, yet tangy flavor. Indeterminate. 7 oz. V F N 70
Marmande Marmande Deep red scalloped meaty fruit. High yields.
Good slicer. French heirloom. Indeterminate.
8 oz. V F A 68
Mega Bite Mega Bite Beefsteak tomatoes on compact plants.
Big juicy and meaty fruits. Determinate.
6 oz.   70
Mr. Stripey Mr. Stripey Stays shorter-ideal for containers. Good taste.  Thin skin tomato. Indeterminate. 8 oz.   80
Mixology Apple Martini Green striped tomato with mild flavor. Produces all summer long. Indeterminate. 7 oz.   75
Mortgage Lifter Mortgage Lifter Moderate producer. Mild, balanced flavor.
Very large pinkish red fruit. Indeterminate.
16 oz. & up   85
Big Dwarf New Big Dwarf Deep pink fruit on 2' bushy plants.
Very flavorful and meaty. Determinate.
14 oz.   75
Patio Prize Patio Prize Stays shorter-ideal for containers. Good taste.  Thin skin tomato. Determinate. 5 oz. V F N 68
Red October Tomato Red October Can stay on the vine longer without softening or losing flavor. Great keeper in the fall. Fruit lasts 3 weeks longer after harvest. Indeterminate. 8 oz. V F N 68
Black Russian Russian Black Egg-shaped fruit.  Complex flavor that is lightly smoky. Perfect for salads. Russian heirloom. Indeterminate. 5 oz.   80
San Marzano Tomato San Marzano Very meaty plum type tomato. Good for sauces and paste. Excellent for drying. Loads of smaller tomatoes. Indeterminate. 3 oz.   80
Stupice Stupice Extra early, cold tolerant. Produces all season. Czechoslovakian heirloom (pronounced stoo-PEECH-ka). Sweet and tangy flavor. Potato leaf vine. Indeterminate. 3 oz.   60
SubArctic SubArctic Plenty Recommended for mountain gardens.
Sets fruit at cool night temperature. 
Matures quickly. Determinate.
2 oz. V F 50
Wapsipinicon Wapsipinicon Peach Fruits have a fuzzy peach-like skin with a spicy sweet flavor. High yields. Indeterminate. 6 oz.   78
Zapotec Zapotec Large scalloped pink fruits can be stuffed and baked or served raw. Mexican Indian heirloom. Indeterminate. 12 oz.   80
  Small Fruited Tomatoes        
BlackCherry Black Cherry Black/brown sweet cherry tomatoes.
Juicy fruits. Indeterminate.
1 oz.   65
Chocolate Sprinkles A lovely sweet flavor that complements its chocolaty appearance. Very productive.
1 oz. F N T 55
Juliet Juliet Red elongated cherry type. Fruits cluster on the vine like grapes. Great for salads and garnishes.  1999 AAS Winner. Indeterminate. 1 oz.   60
Lizzano Lizzano Cherry fruit and compact habit.
Trails nicely from baskets or containers.
Tasty & colorful in salads. Determinate.
1 1/2 oz. V F 65
Mixology Bloody Mary Great tasting fruit on a dwarf plant. Attractive chartreuse eye-catching foliage does well in containers. Determinate. 1 oz.   70
Red Stripe Rambling Red Stripe Red-streaked cherry-size tomatoes on compact plants. Bred for large hanging baskets or containers. Outstanding old-fashioned flavor.  Determinate. 1 1/2 oz.   70
Red Grape Red Grape Like the ones grown for supermarkets. Bright red fruit. Excellent flavor. Indeterminate. 1/2 oz.   78
Riesentraube Riesentraube Large clusters of sweet fruit. This German heirloom cherry tomato has rich tomato flavor like beefsteak. Use in salads, for drying and for snacking. Indeterminate. 1 oz. V F N 68
Sugary Sugary 2005 All America Winner. Very sweet cherry sized fruit. Oval shape with reddish-pink color. High yields. Indeterminate. 1/2 oz.   60
Sun Gold Sun Gold Very sweet bright orange cherry tomato. Indeterminate. 1 oz. V F N T 60
Sunsugar Sunsugar Prolific orange cherry tomato is very sweet. Resists cracks. Indeterminate. 1/2 oz. F T 62
Sweet 100 Super Sweet 100 Extremely sweet cherry tomato. Heavy yields of small fruit. Perfect for salads. Packed with vitamin C. Very tall indeterminate plants. 1 oz. V F N 65
Sweet Chelsea Sweet Chelsea Large sweet cherry tomato. Highly productive all season. Crack resistant. Mouth-watering flavor. Low acid. Long shelf life. Very tall indeterminate plants. 1 1/2 oz. V F N T A 60
Sweet N Neat Sweet N Neat Scarlet Very compact plant that keeps producing cherry-sized tomatoes all season long. Extremely high-yielding. Perfect for containers. Determinate plants. 3/4 oz.   55
Tomatoberry Tomatoberry
Strawberry-shaped cherry tomato.
Very sweet taste and aroma. Resists cracking. Indeterminate.
1 oz.   65
Tumbler Tumbler
Dwarf plant for hanging baskets or windowsills.  Sweet cherry tomatoes. Good producer. Determinate. 1 1/2 oz.   45
Yellow Pear Yellow Pear Clusters of mild, sweet-flavored yellow pear-shaped fruit continue to form all season long.  Superb in salads, preserves, or pickling.  Indeterminate. 1 oz.   78

Disease resistance key

V-Resistant to verticillum wilt.

F-Resistant to fusarium wilt.

N-Resistant to nematodes.

T-Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus.

A-Resistant to alternaria.


Growth habit key

Determinate habit-Bush type growth. The plant stops growing when the fruit sets. The majority of fruit develop at the same time which is good for canning.

Indeterminate habit-Vine type growth. Best grown with stakes or in cages. Fruit develops continuously throughout the season.


Tomato Vegetable Food

Improve your yields and tomato size. Use Ferti-lome Tomato & Vegetable Food at planting and through the season.


*Days to maturity is how long a plant takes to grow from seed to harvest. The fact we start the plants indoors, but Colorado is a cooler climate makes this number fairly close to the days from when you set starter plants into your garden. Use this as a relative term anyway and remember Denver normally has an 80 day growing season.

Availability of varieties may vary from day to day. Call for current availability.


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