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$7.99 - Lavender Ice Hardy Ice Plant

Large lavender-pink blooms cover a tidy mat of evergreen foliage on this
drought-tolerant, full-sun groundcover.  
1 L. (4" sq.) pot. Reg. $9.95

$5.99 - Piccolo Wind Chime

This adorable chime is small enough to fit anywhere!
Hang somewhere breezy, and enjoy the sweet tones.  
Reg. $7.99

25% Off - Starter Bonsai Plants

The power and tranquility of bonsai in a starter size!
Willow leaf ficus, brush cherry, parrot's beak and others are
available in small unfinished pots.  

20% Off - Outdoor Seat Cushions

Comfortably accent outdoor furniture with these colorful cushions.
100% acrylic, fade-resistant fabric, mold and mildew resistant.
Choose from prints and solids in round, square or chaise styles.  

$11.95 - Frost Kiss Penny's Pink Hellebore

Purple buds open to chartreuse flowers above pink-veined leathery foliage.  
2 L. (5" sq.) pot. Reg. $15.95

$13.95 - 16" Americana Planter 

     Resin planter in a matte terracotta finish. Solidly built, will not chip, crack
or mildew. Comes with attached saucer for drainage.
Reg. $19.95

$4.99 - Shroomyz Fairy Mushrooms 

      These adorable micro Shroomyz will brighten any corner of your indoor or
 outdoor garden! Each ceramic mushroom is individually handcrafted.
Durable, colorful, fade proof and frost proof.
4" assorted colors and patterns.
Reg. $6.99

$34.95 - Alpha One Fertilizer
     An all-natural, organic fertilizer manufactured in Colorado for our soils.
Provides plant-ready nutrients in a time-release formula that
 promotes naturally healthy growth.
Contains no manure, sludge or waste.
40 lb. Reg. $42.95

$49.95 - Bonide Sucker Punch 

     The fast and easy way to kill plant suckers. Stops suckers sprouting from roots
and pruning cuts of ornamental trees, fruit trees and other woody plants.
 1 qt. Ready to use. Reg. $64.95

$29.95 - Ferti-lome Weed-Free Zone

Weed control for over 80 of the toughest broadleaf weeds, including clover,
ground ivy, spurge, chickweed, dandelion, henbit, oxalis, purslane and
32 oz. Concentrate. Reg. $39.95

$44.95 - AlgaeFix

Effectively eliminates green water algae, string algae and blanket weed.
Keeps pond water clean and clear.  
64 oz. Reg. $54.95

$6.99 - Token Keychains

Carry your keys with style! Matte silver tokens with uplifting expressions
engraved on the reverse side. New southwestern styles added! 
Reg. $9.95

20% Off - Upright Philodendrons

Excellent houseplants.
Choose from: Congo Green, Congo Red, Xanadu,
selloum and splitleaf varieties in assorted sizes.  

$19.95 - Happy Frog Potting Soil 

     Between the earthworm castings, the bat guano, and the aged-forest products,
your container plants have never felt so good! FoxFarm uses only
 the highest quality ingredients in this exceptional potting soil.
Perfect for container gardens.
2 cu. ft. Reg. $24.95

$7.99 - Gorilla Hair Mulch 

  A finely-shredded cedar mulch that forms a mat that stays
 in place better in high wind or high traffic areas.
2 cu. ft. Reg. $9.95

$29.95 - Coarse Vermiculite

Improves potting soil aeration while retaining the moisture and necessary
 nutrients to feed roots, cuttings and seeds for faster growth.
3.5 cu. ft. Reg. $39.95

$6.99 - Ballerina Red Armeria 

     Deep rosy-red blooms above fine tufts of foliage.
Charming as a cut flower and a great perennial for rock gardens.
1 L (4" sq.) pot. Reg. $9.95

$9.95 - Wildflower Seed Mixes 

     Beautiful blends of wildflowers that solve garden problems naturally!
Choose from: Butterfly & Hummingbird, Deer & Rabbit Control,
Perennial Mix and others.
200 sq. ft. Reg. $13.95

$11.95 - Harvest Guard Blanket

Floating cover traps heat and moisture to produce bigger, better and
earlier crop yields. Protects against early and late frosts, insects and birds.
5' x 25'.  Reg. $14.95

$.69/linear ft. - ProSpun Landscape Fabric

Control weeds before they start. Provides a powerful 3-ply layer of weed protection. Provides superior light-blocking capability to keep out the toughest perennial weeds.
6' wide for fewer seams.  
Reg. $0.99/linear ft.

$39.95 - Garden Kneeler/Seat

Use this kneeler to alleviate strain during your gardening tasks.
Can be used either as a kneeler, or flip it to use as a handy seat.
Folds flat for compact storage.
Reg. $54.95

$26.95 - Spring and Fall Fish Food

This high-quality wheat germ food is nutrious and easy for pond fish to digest.
It ensures your fish stay active and healthy as they transition in and out of winter.
Feed in spring and fall when water temperatures are below 50 degrees and
above 39 degrees.
1.7 lb.
Reg. $34.95

$17.95 - Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Black oil sunflower seeds have a taste most wild birds love and a thin shell that
makes it easy for them to consume. Can be used to fill tube, hopper or tray feeders.  
40 lb. Reg. $19.95



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