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$6.99 - Under The Sea Coleus

Looking for a colorful garden plant with unique shape and form?
These varieties of coleus resemble exotic salt water fish and coral, adding
great texture and color to gardens or containers. Wide variety to choose from.  
800 mL (4.5" diam.) pot  Reg. $8.99

$7.99 - Shooting Star Dianthus

Forms a mound of grey-green foliage with an early summer display of
fragrant magenta-pink single flowers with a plum center.
A favorite in perennial rock gardens!  
1 L (4" sq.) pot  Reg. $9.95

$4.99 - Archangel Raspberry Angelonia

Huge flowers are vibrant against glossy green foliage.
Drought tolerant. Excellent landscape performance!  
515 mL (3" sq.) pot  Reg. $6.99

$5.99 - Allegro Oriental Poppy

Provides a cheerful display of huge, satiny orange flowers with
black centers from late spring into early summer. Perennial.
1 L (4" sq.) pot  Reg. $7.99

$4.99 - Bombay Dark Blue Scaevola

Extremely drought and heat tolerant plant with a mounding, trailing habit.
Provides late spring and summer color on unique fan-shaped flowers.
Great in containers, hanging baskets or in gardens
515 mL (3" sq.) pot  Reg. $5.99

$2.99 - Sorbet Mix Viola

Violas welcome the season with sweet sunny faces that light up the shade.
Excellent for massing, edging and rock gardens.  
4 pack (4 x 118 mL) pots  Reg. $3.99

$6.99 - Buddhist Pine  

     Upright, dense evergreen has pointed, leathery, dark green leaves.
An excellent choice for bonsai or as a houseplant. 
414 mL (3.58" diam.) pot  Reg. $8.99 

$7.99 - Scented Geraniums 

     Easy to grow, and heavenly fragrant; these geraniums explode into big,
beautiful, fragrant plants. Wide variety of scents to choose from! 
515 mL (3" sq.) pot  Reg. $9.95 

$2.99 - Lemon Thyme 

     An excellent herb to grow for its soft herbal thyme flavor along with the subtle essence of lemon. Pairs well with salads, vegetables, or meat & fish dishes. 
250 mL (2.5" sq.) pot  Reg. $4.99 

$44.95 - Wedgewood Blue Lilac 

     Pink buds develop into blue, highly fragrant flowers.  
12 L (10" diam.) pot  Reg. $59.95 

$44.95 - Westmont Arborvitae 

     Compact, evergreen shrub with a yellow-bronze tinge during part of the season. 
12 L (10" diam.) pot  Reg. $59.95 

$39.95 - Sugar Moon Rose

This hybrid tea rose has an intense, sweet, citrus fragrance
and stark white glowing blooms.  
9.6 L (10" diam.) pot  Reg. $49.95

$29.95 - Olympiad Rose

Exquisite blooms of pink-red, with light green foliage.  
9.6 L (10" diam.) pot  Reg. $39.95

$39.95 - Hot Cocoa Rose

Unique floribunda with varying colorful hues, ranging from smoky to brick.  
9.6 L (10" diam.) pot  Reg. $49.95

$4.99 - Fringed Coral Lace Gladiolus

Fringed and ruffled blooms in a lovely salmon-peach with creamy white centers.
Sword-like foliage with tall spikes makes this variety a real eye-catcher.
Bag of 8  Reg. $6.99

$5.99 - Cambridge Dinner Plate Dahlia

Upright stems support brilliant yellow blooms flecked with red.
An easy to grow favorite that blooms all summer long.  
Bag of 2  Reg. $7.99

$54.95 - 5 Pocket Strawberry Jar 

     A beautiful and intricate planter that is perfect for growing strawberries.
Made of heavy-duty glazed ceramic. Available in green, red & blue. 
14.25"h x 11"w  Reg. $74.95 

20% Off - CeramaStone Planters

     Resin pottery planters provide the look and feel of ceramic without the
high cost and fragility. Made by blending stone and plastic, this sleek
& trendy planter is durable. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

$9.95 - Maxfield's Soil Conditioner 

     Use in the spring and fall to reintroduce beneficial biology, organic matter, and  nutrients back into the soil for the long-term health of your gardening beds. 
1 cu. ft.  Reg. $12.95 

$13.95 - Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Soil 

     An all-purpose mix recommended for containers & raised beds &
 ensures good aeration. 
2 cu. ft.  Reg. $16.95 

$17.95 - Fox Farm Big Bloom 

     This micro-brewed formula incorporates earthworm castings, bat guano
and high test organic ingredients that offer a full range of nutrients.
Norwegian kelp improves nutrient uptake and increases yields. 
1 qt.  Reg. $23.95 

$6.99 - Deadbug Brew

Contains spinosad, a naturally-occurring bacterium.
Kills borers, beetles, caterpillars, codling moths,
loopers, leaf miners, tent caterpillars and thrips!
Use on fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.  
32 oz.  Ready to use. Reg. $9.95

$15.95 - Weed Beater Ultra

The ultimate systemic broadleaf killer for lawn and turf.
New chemistry that's especially effective on over 200 hard-to-kill weeds,
right to the roots. Visible results in just 24 hours! Rain fast once dry.  
1 gal.  Ready to use. Reg. $19.95

$5.99 - Wonder Grip Gloves

Wonder grips are the all-around gardeners glove for any job in the yard.
Providing protection, dexterity, comfort and breathability.  
Reg. $7.99

20% Off - Green Thumb Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric prevents weeds and contains plants while allowing moisture
and oxygen to freely move to the root-zone. 3' wide. 25' 50' 100' lengths. 

20% Off - Muddle Mats

Collect entryway debris and moisture with these stylish mats.
Made from ultra-absorbent cotton wit a non-slip latex backing.
Machine washable. Available in assorted sizes and colors.  

$17.95 - Clear Hanging Baffle  

     Baffle those pesky squirrels with a clear hanging baffle over your bird feeders.
Try as they may, those squirrels slide off the baffle before they can reach the feeder. 
16"w  Reg. $23.95 

20% Off - Shenandoah Wind Chimes 

     Hand-tuned, premium chime designed to resonate beautiful tones
in the slightest breeze. Variety of sizes. 

25% Off - Metal Tree Candle Holder 

     Rustic iron metal hurricane in de-stressed bronze brass with oil-rubbed finish. Features beautiful tree lattice motif detail.
Available in 12", 9" and 5". 

20% Off - Schleich Realistic Plastic Animals 

     These toy animals are the most realistic toy animals available.
Build a jungle terrarium or a pre-historic dish garden!
Many styles to choose from. 



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