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Friday, Sept. 8 - Thursday, Sept. 28

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30% Off - Creeping Phlox

Colorful perennial ground cover. 
Early blooming. Blue, white, or red.

$7.99 - Shooting Star Dianthus

Pinkish-lavender fragrant flowers with a thin red eye zone.
Broad-blade icy blue/green foliage. Perennial.  
1 L. (4" sq.) pot   Reg. $9.95

$9.95 - Expanded Shale Soil Amendment

Expanded shale is a porous soil amendment that adds moisture retention
and air space in the root zone.
Works great to prevent soil compaction for years.  
40 lb.  Reg. $12.95

$27.95 - Red Cedar Mulch

Looks beautiful and smells great.
Helps insulate soil temperatures and retains moisture.
Bring an open bed trailer or truck or have us deliver it to you.  
 1/2 cu. yd. Reg. $34.95

$7.99 - Scented Geraniums  

    Scented geraniums are available in an array of fragrances. Their scent comes from their leaves, not the perfume of the flowers. Crushing the leaves releases the scent.  
515 mL (3" sq.) pots  Reg. $9.95 

$2.99 - Curly Leaf Parsley 

    Mild and tender. Attractive on a plate.  
250 mL (2.5" sq.) pot  Reg. $3.99 

$8.99 - All Seasons Spray Oil Insect Control  

    Use as a growing season spray or dormant spray (no leaves) to control overwintering eggs of red spiders, scale insects, aphids, leaf rollers, codling moth, galls, whitefly and mealy bugs. Highly recommended for use on fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs, ornamentals, roses and vegetables. Safe and pleasant to use.  
32 oz. Ready to Use.  Reg. $11.95 

$4.99 - Herb Food 

     Naturally-based. Designed to maximize leaf growth without forcing the flowers.
Move your herb garden indoors this fall. 
1 lb. Reg. $6.99 

$5.99 - Gladiator Allium

Large 6" flower heads of violet-blue tipped silver on strong 60" stems.
Once established it will naturalize easily.
Resistant to deer. It makes an excellent cut flower.  
 Bag of 2 bulbs. Reg. $7.99

$11.95 - All Sorts Mix Narcissus

Wide variety of narcissus types for an interesting display in the garden.
Covers a 6 sq. ft. area
Bag of 20 bulbs.  Reg. $14.95

$42.95 - Outlet Watering Timer

One dial allows complete timer control functionality.
Also includes a rain delay and manual program interruption button.  
 Reg. $54.95

25% Off- Patio Umbrellas 

    Add style to your outdoor space while providing protection from the sun.
Made with top quality materials and packed with features & functions,
providing many shade solutions. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.  

$5.99 - Woodland Friends Bird Seed Balls 

     Made of premium seed without fillers.
This charming trio of bandits will attract birds to your backyard. 
Reg. $7.99 

$6.99 - Hand Creams 

Shea Butter is one of nature's most effective moisturizers.
 It's the key ingredient of these hand creams.
Just a small amount leaves hands silky smooth and never greasy.
This size tucks perfectly into your bag for comfort on the go.
Choose original, lavender or verbena. 
Reg. $8.99 

20% Off - Kringle Candles  

    The ultra-fragrant Kringle candle line unites the best of the traditional and the new, with exciting candle products designed to mesh with virtually any decor.   

$9.95 - Maxfield's Soil Conditioner

Use in the spring and fall to reintroduce beneficial biology, organic matter, and  nutrients back into the soil for the long-term health of your gardening beds.  
1 cu. ft. Reg. $12.95

$4.99 - Deer Resistant Wildflower Mix

This mix includes species that deer and elk will usually avoid if other preferred forage
is available. Some damage can be avoided by getting young plants firmly established.
Most of the perennials will begin blooming the second year.  
1 oz. Reg. $6.99



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