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$13.95 - Chala Key Fobs

These irresistible critters tame your keys, while an extra
zippered pocket can hold coins, flash drives and more.
Textured faux leather trim with antique brass toned hardware.
From sloths to foxes to butterflies, they'll hold your keys with style!  
Reg. $17.95

$5.99 - Moses in the Cradle

This plant gets its interesting name from its flowers, which sit in a special leaf
called a bract that resembles a dark purple boat. It's easy to grow indoors.  
414 mL (3.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $7.99

$9.95 - Pocket Wall Planter

Suspend this eight-pocket wall planter on a fence or wall to bring
a whimsical touch to your home. The fabric construction helps
conserve moisture, while drainage holes help prevent overwatering.  
Fabric: Polyester Reg. $13.95

$12.95 - Mother of Millions

These attractive and unusual looking houseplants have large green leaves
that form baby plantlets along the edges! Despite their exotic appearance,
they're easy to grow and require minimal care.  
2.2 L (6" diam.) pot. Reg. $16.95

$9.95 - Bugs, Nuts, & Fruits Seed Cylinder

Serve up a delectable feast for a wide variety of wild birds!
This popular seed cylinder offers a fantastic blend of mealworms,
pecans, sunflower hearts, raisins, and cranberries.  
24 oz. Reg. $12.95

$9.95 - 5.5" Farmhouse Standard Pots 

     Gorgeous colors and beautiful glaze! These Farmhouse Standard pots are perfect indoors or out. The attached saucer prevents leaks and drips when watering.
 Choose from paprika or pink.
Size: 5.5" x 5.5" Reg. $14.95

$26.95 - Planet Solar Stakes

     Add these solar-powered glass stakes to your yard or garden, and
watch them turn into glowing planets at night! They're easily inserted
into the ground and provide hours of illumination.
 Waterproof and corrosion resistant for durability.
Reg. $39.95

$16.95 - Forever Botanicals

     Capture the beauty of blooming flowers — permanently! These real-touch
flowers have leaves, petals, and stems just like in nature. Enjoy all of
the advantages of real flowers without the fuss.
Reg. $23.95

$8.99 - Aunt Fannie's Flypunch Trap

     Keep your kitchen free of fruit flies with this trap. One jar is effective for up to thirty days. Just open the jar, and set out for quick and easy pest control.
It's non-toxic, so it's safe around food and loved ones.
6 oz. Reg. $11.95

$17.95 - Diatomaceous Earth

     A natural insecticide that works as insects come in contact with the product. Digestible by earthworms and causes them no harm. Very effective
in controlling snails, slugs, and other crawling insects.
5 lb. Reg. $21.95

$9.95 - Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Derived from concentrated fish solubles that supply the natural release
of essential nutrients for the development of green foliage, vigorous
root systems, and solid plant structure.  
1 qt. Reg. $13.95

$7.99 - Jack's Orchid Special

Orchids need a high nitrogen micronutrient formula when potted
in porous fibers like bark and rock. This 30-10-10 formula emphasizes
the vegetative growth stage (leaves), and will assure that the plant's
requirements for increased nitrogen will be satisfied as new leaves
develop and mature.  
8 oz. Reg. $9.95

$7.99 - Men's Frontier Gloves

Keep warm and stay connected! Has touchscreen compatibility
in both the index finger and thumb! Perfect for working
or playing out in the cold. Available in a variety of versatile colors.
One size fits most.  
Reg. $9.95

20% Off - Felted Bird Ornaments

Handmade in Nepal, these little felted birds can live inside year-round!
They're a bright addition to a Christmas tree, or anywhere a splash
of color is needed throughout the home. Made from 100% natural wool.

$19.95 - Earthworm Castings

100% pure earthworm castings are a natural source of plant nutrients.
They improve overall soil structure and porosity, while encouraging vigorous
root growth. They're great for indoor and outdoor plants.
12 lb. Reg. $24.95

$5.99 - Embellishment Glass

 These glass pebbles offer an array of varying shades of blue and aqua
 with accents of yellow and white. Place them beneath water features or
 use them to simulate water, line paths, or create a miniature seaside beach.
8 oz. Reg. $7.99

$4.49 - African Violet Soil

     This organic mix is professionally formulated to provide the optimum
 growing medium for all types of African violets. Light and loose,
 it encourages healthy foliage and beautiful blooms.
4 qt. Reg. $5.99

$8.99 - Kensington Coir Switch Mat Inserts

     Made from natural coconut husk, these colorful mats are highly durable
 and long lasting. Embossed rubber backing for good grip.
It's the perfect way to welcome guests to your home!
Reg. $11.95

$3.99/lb. - Tall Fescue Mix Grass Seed

     Deep rooted and winter hardy, tall fescues have the ability to access water
 from deeper soil depths than Kentucky bluegrass or perennial ryegrass.
 Resists disease and pests. It forms a tough, durable turf that
 easily tolerates constant use, heat, and drought with minimal care.
Reg. $4.99/lb.

$7.99 - Bosmere Kneeling Mats

     Solid foam kneeling mat provides comfort while doing gardening
 or housework. Guards your knees from sharp objects, and can also be used
as a seat pad. Hangs when not in use. Choose from: purple, green, or blue.
Reg. $9.95

$99.95 - Worm Factory Composter

Worm composting makes it easy to recycle kitchen scraps, paper waste,
and cardboard into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants. Simple to set up
and operate, managing your Worm Factory takes less than 15 minutes a week.
Finished compost can be used in your garden, raised beds, or houseplants.  
Reg. $139.00

$5.99 - LED Light Switch

Ideal for closets, cabinets, hallways, and garages Comes with dual-LED panels
that produce 200 lumens of light. Manual on/off traditional switch functionality.
Installs in seconds, no wiring necessary.  
Reg. $8.99

$3.49 - Peanut Flavored Suet Nuggets

A tasty bird feed made with corn, roasted peanuts, rendered beef suet,
oats, raisins, and soy oil. Specially formulated for wild birds, it's perfect
when mixed in with 5-10 lbs. of seed in a traditional feeder. Higher fat
content gives visiting birds the energy they need for nesting, migration,
and wintering over. Resealable bag.
1.68 lb. Reg. $4.99

$9.95 - Mr. Bill Chew Toy

Oh, nooooooooo! Inspired by the vintage skit from Saturday Night Live,
it has a built-in voicebox that yells Mr. Bill's hilarious catchphrase when squeezed.
Made for dogs of all ages, it's great for playing fetch and makes a soft
cuddle buddy that's always ready for nap time. Reinforced stitching
and no plastic parts make this a safe and lovable toy.
Reg. $12.95



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