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$11.95 - Sweet Tea Heucherella

Big, bold cinnamon-colored leaves deepen their color
in summer and light up each fall.  
1 L. (4" sq.) pot Reg. $16.95

$4.99 - Jalapeņo Pepper Jam

Homemade by the Baer family.
All natural. No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.  
Reg. $6.99

$8.99 - Blue Pearl Jacob's Ladder

Brilliant blue flowers rise above fern-like foliage for most of the summer,
provided it's sheltered during the hottest parts of the day. Perennial. 
2 L (5" sq.) pot. Reg. $12.95

$29.95 - Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

The revolutionary X-1 bird feeder protects your bird seed and
allows you to feed the birds, not the squirrels.
This feeder can hold up to 3 different seed mixes. 
Reg. $39.95

$3.99 - 14" Coco Basket Liner  

    Round coco fiber basket liner.
Formed liner fits inside a 14" diameter hanging basket.
Reg. $4.99

$4.99 -  Hanging Terrarium

    Perfect for a terrarium
 and the flat bottom makes it perfect to sit on a table top
6". Reg. $6.99

$3.99 - Solar Path Lights 

     Four Seasons Courtyard.
The sun provides the power to
light up the mini LED solar lights at night.
 10" tall.  Reg. $4.99

$9.95 - Herman Wehling Whirlers 

     Repurposed aluminum cans provide beauty
in the garden in these innovative wind spinners.
Reg. $13.95

$7.99 - Rose & Flower Food

Ferti-lome Rose & Flower Food with systemic insecticide.
The root system absorbs both nutrients and insecticide to feed the plants
and protect them from aphids, thrips, & Japanese beetles.
4 lb. Reg. $9.95

$19.95 - Nature's Cycle Lawn Food

Supplies recommended nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft.
100% organic. Derived from dehydrated poultry waste.
40 lb. Reg. $29.95

$4.99 - Lime Zest Soap

 Shea butter enriched, triple-milled soap from France.  
 150 g. Reg. $6.99

25% Off - Basils

Assorted basils, including Boxwood, Italian, Genovese,
Nufar, Pistou and Red Robin.
Tender green leaves are perfect for pesto.

$4.99 - English Ivies

     Superb climbing or trailing houseplants.
Easy to grow indoors.
414 mL (3.5" diam.) pots. Reg. $6.99

$2.99 - Itty Bitty Terrarium Plants

     An assortment of tiny plants sized for terrariums
and fairy gardens.
Reg. $3.99

$5.99 - Clay Buster Compost

Mix into hard clay soils.
 Consists of thoroughly-cured compost with added pumice,
to provide air space to the roots.
100% organic
1.5 cu. ft. Reg. $7.99

$8.99 - Nature's Yield Outdoor Planter Mix

     Perfect for planter boxes, pots, and hanging baskets.
Planter ready-Just pour into your outdoor containers.
1.5 cu. ft. Reg. $11.95

$4.99 - Second Harvest Red Mulch

 A colorful groundcover that's safe for plants, pets and children.
 Guaranteed color for one year.
 2 cu. ft. Reg. $6.99

$34.95 - Dwarf Burning Bush

A sensational accent shrub prized for its intense scarlet red fall coloring.
Mounded form displays rich green leaves through spring and summer.   
12 L (10" diam.) pot. Reg. $44.95

$34.95 - Sky Pencil Holly

A narrow, columnar form holly with dark green foliage.
Great vertical accent for a part-sun area. Evergreen. 
Grows to 6 feet tall.
9.0 L (9" diam.) pot. Reg. $49.95

$4.49 - Grill 'n' Spray

 Non-flammable formula that's safe to spray directly onto a hot grill or open flame.
 Spray while you grill for unbeatable no-stick results.
 Reg. $5.99

$26.95 - Olympiad Rose

This stunning hybrid tea rose sports sturdy stems with
striking pure red roses.  
9.6 L (10" diam.) pot Reg. $39.95

$26.95 - Tropicana Rose 

     This long-stemmed rose has an intense fruity fragrance
in a flashy blend of coral and orange.
9.6 L (10" diam.) pot. Reg. $39.95

$3.49 - Houseplant Waterer 

     Place in soil next to your plant, and fill with water.
Place the tube end in a bowl of water, and your plants
will be watered automatically while you're away on vacation.
Reg. $4.99

$8.99 -  Hand Cultivator Tools

Premium grade stainless steel hand tools
with comfort gel grips, welded joints, and robust
tool heads and blades.  
Hand cultivator, hoe, transplanter, trowel and weeder .
Reg. $11.95

$3.99 - Vine & Veggie Net Trellis 

     Soft nylon material is easy to handle and soft on plants.
Ideal for vining vegetables, fruits and flowers.
5' x 10'. Reg. $5.99

$49.95 - Deck, Porch N' Patio Bird Food

     An elite, zero-waste wild bird food blended to attract
the most desired outdoor pets and give you
the cleanest feeding experience.
20 lb. Reg. $59.95



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