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$7.99 - Espoma Garden Tone

An all-natural and organic plant food enhanced with thousands of living
microbes. It is perfect for all vegetables and provides a safe, continuous,
and complete balanced feeding.
4 lb. Reg. $9.95

$5.99 - Creeping Fig

Native to Vietnam, China and Japan, and is very easy to grow.
Bright indirect light is preferred. Keep evenly moist and feed monthly with
a soluble houseplant food. Keep out of hot or cold drafts.
414 mL (3.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $7.99

$17.95 - Bulk Top Soil

Top Soil Blend can be used for filling in low spots in the yard or for building a berm.
Our bulk soil products are of the highest quality to ensure your plants have the
healthiest start possible.  
1 scoop=1/2 cu. yd. Reg. $23.95

$6.99 - Mary Washington Asparagus

Attention asparagus lovers! Are you looking for a tasty, meaty asparagus?
Well, you need not look any further than the Mary Washington variety!
It's resistant to most diseases and will keep growing for up to 20 years!
Bag of 8. Reg. $8.99

$79.95 - Zero G Hose

50% lighter than commercial vinyl hoses, yet tough & durable. Kink-resistant,
easy to maneuver, and does not expand or retract, which delivers an
uninterrupted and high water flow rate. Abrasion, leak, and puncture resistant.  
3/4". 75 ft. Reg. $99.95

$8.99 - Latham Red Raspberry

     Firm berries provide durability during harvest. Adapts well
to a range of soil types. Upright growth habit. Burgundy fall foliage
adds landscape interest. Fruit is outstanding for fresh-eating, freezing,
and canning. Cold-hardy. Ripens in mid July. Self-pollinating.
Packaged. Reg. $11.95

$4.99 - Hanging Pear Terrarium Pot 

This pear terrarium container is the perfect size for small air plants,
 succulents, flowers, foliage, acrylic rocks, crystals, or beads.
 It can be hung up as hanging terrarium or rested flat on a table.
(Plants sold separately).
Size: 4" Reg. $6.99

$11.95 - Jack's Classic Citrus Feed

     Designed to provide the optimum combination of nutrients needed by
plants in the citrus group. This formula, with enhanced micronutrient levels,
will produce vibrant green leaves, strong branches, and more fruit.
1.5 lb. Reg. $14.95

$22.95 - Green Thumb Crabgrass Preventer
               with Fertilizer

For a thick green crabgrass-free lawn. Prevents crabgrass & other annual
weedy grasses while promoting a lush, green lawn. Provides your lawn
with slow-release nitrogen for extended feeding of your turf.
Coverage: 5,000 sq. ft.  Reg. $29.95

$5.99 - Baer's Chokecherry Syrup

Made from premium fruits and vegetables. No preservatives, artificial
flavors or colors. Try on pancakes, waffles, French toast, and on ice cream.  
17 oz.  Reg. $7.99

$4.99 - Arrowhead Vine

An easy plant to grow. Trailing habit is suited for hanging baskets.
May be pruned to confine growth. Leaf shape changes with age.  
414 mL. (3.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $6.99

$7.99 - Ocean Forest Potting Soil

     A unique potting soil that combines the best fertilizers found on land with the
finest sea ingredients available! The result is a rich, light, organic potting soil
 that encourages healthy root growth and leafy foliage.
 Contains: composted forest humus, sphagnum peat moss, fish and
 kelp meals, earthworm castings, and oyster shells. Balanced pH.
12 qt. Reg. $9.95

$4.49 - Sunjel Pure Gel Fuel

     SunJel is the cleanest burning gel fuel on the market!
 Its beautiful seven-inch flame burns soot-free and lasts up to 3 hours!
 For both indoor and outdoor gel fireplaces.
Reg. $5.99

$4.99/lb. - Front Range Classic Grass Seed

     This premium mix of improved Kentucky bluegrasses, tall fescue and
 turf-type perennial ryegrass establishes quickly and develops into a thick,
beautiful lawn in one growing season. The durable carpet of green stands up to
 summer stress and requires minimal upkeep. Excellent for high traffic areas,
 such as backyards and play areas.
Reg. $6.99/lb.

$12.95 - Dramm Touch-n-Flow Revolver Nozzle

     This 9-pattern revolver nozzle lets you breeze through all your outdoor tasks
with ease. Quickly change from washing the car to misting plants to cleaning
the deck. The ergonomic grips means it's easy to use, while the heavy-duty
 construction means it lasts for years. Available in six enticing colors.
Reg. $16.95

$26.95 - Comfort Pro Gloves

Made from washable synthetic leather with padded knuckle protection
to help safeguard your hands while working. Padded palms and reinforced
fingertips for extra durability. Assorted sizes.  
Reg. $36.95

$11.95 - Wave Trellis

Made from a green powder-coated solid round steel wire, this trellis
spreads out from a narrow base as it extends upward to a height of 48-inches.
Each rod has a small spiral on top, lending to the wave name and design.
It's perfect for small climbing plants and works well indoors or outdoors
in a stand-alone planting area or in a pot.  
Size: 48" x 16". Reg. $14.95

$3.99 - Peanut Flavored Suet Nuggets

A tasty bird feed made with corn, roasted peanuts, rendered beef suet,
oats, raisins, and soy oil. It's perfect when mixed in with 5-10 lbs. of seed in a
traditional feeder. Higher fat content gives visiting birds the energy they need
for nesting, migration, and wintering over. Resealable bag.  
Size:17 oz.  Reg. $4.99

$5.99 - Woodland Friends Seed Balls

These solid seed, nut and fruit wild bird treats are totally edible.
Premium seed makes these irresistible to the birds and loved by
all your “woodland friends”.
Choose from: owl, raccoon, or fox. 
Reg. $7.99



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