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Edible Landscape Plants

Enjoy the great-tasting harvest of fully-ripened fruit!
You control what chemicals are applied to your home grown food.
Mix edibles into your ornamental landscape properly and it will be beautiful with added benefits.

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Find tasty fruit and berries!

Small Fruit




  Enjoy home grown freshness straight from your garden.
  Mix edibles creatively into sunny areas of ornamental
  beds for an attractive landscape you can eat.

  We are offering blueberries that are half-high cultivars 
  that are extremely cold hardy. These compact plants and 
  are self-pollinating so you can get fruit from a single



  Strawberry Plants

  Nothing says summer like fresh home grown strawberries.
  Eversweet strawberry is a fine day-neutral strawberry.
  Day-neutral strawberries will continue to set and ripen fruit
  all summer long until a hard frost puts them into dormancy.
  You can use strawberries as a ground cover.

Apple Tree



Fruit Trees  

Enjoy tasty home grown fruit. Choose from a wide variety
of fruit trees chosen specifically to be the best for our area.
If you don't have room for a full sized fruit tree, look to the
dwarf varieties. They're perfect for small yards.




Tree & Shrub Transplanter Growth Supplement
You can extend your 2-year warranty to a 5-year MYKE warranty on almost all Echterís fruit
tree and berry plants when you purchase MYKE with your plant and use MYKE when planting.
MYKE is a natural product that favors rapid root development.


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