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Vegetable Plants for Your Garden

Grow your own edibles this year. You'll not only have fresher and tastier food, you'll save money as well.  According to the National Gardening Association an investment of $70 in your garden will return an average of $600 in produce.

An added benefit is that you can grow tasty varieties you won't find in grocery stores. Some of the tastiest food doesn't ship well or doesn't work in commercial production. If you are new to gardening, let us help you start a smaller garden this year that you can manage. Then you can expand as your interest and time permits. You can even have a garden in containers on a sunny patio.

We offer the plants you'll need to have a vegetable garden in Colorado. We have a full selection of Botanical Interests Seeds as well as additional seed from Lake Valley Seed. Both are Colorado companies. Along with the seeds we have dormant plants like strawberry roots, seed potatoes, onion sets, asparagus roots and garlic.

Choose Tomatoes for Your Garden


   Choose Peppers for Your Garden


Grow a gardener. Enjoy some free time with your kids out playing in the dirt. Grow something together. Gardening can be an inexpensive family activity and a nice balance to the high tech side of the world we
live in. Kids are more likely to enjoy eating healthy foods if they are homegrown. Teach kids the value of plants in our world. Work together to: choose the plants and plan the layout, schedule and tend to the watering and weeding and prepare menus that use any vegetables or herbs you may have planted. The
main point is for them to have good gardening experiences. A gardener is one of the most satisfying
things to grow.

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