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In our Nature Nook, you'll find the highest quality bird
seed available with no fillers.

We have unique bird houses and feeders. Whether you want a decorative or an easy-to-clean functional feeder, you'll find it here. We have squirrel-proof feeders as well
as squirrel baffles to keep them from your feeders.

We also carry bird baths and heaters to keep water available to your birds year round.

               Bird Seed
   Wild Delight Bird Seed Blends

   Get more of what birds crave! Wild Delight products contain only the
   finest ingredients and the best flavors and nutrition to feed your
   outdoor pets. Try different seed mixes to attract more birds.


Bird Feeders  

Draw the largest variety of birds to your backyard by offering bird seed  
in a variety of feeders. We offer tube feeders, hopper feeders, platform  
feeders, suet feeders and hummingbird feeders. You'll find many with  
squirrel-proof designs. A window feeder allows you to view the birds up close.  Hang your feeder from one of our attractive heavy duty shepherd hooks. 


Bird Houses



 Bird Houses

  We carry different types and sizes of houses to accommodate varied types of birds.
  If you know which species you want to host, we can help you choose the
  size and entrance hole suitable for those birds.






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